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Trewsday, 20th Winterfilth

aka October 10, 2006


Test post.

Posted by Russ at 10:52 PM | Comments (1)
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Hevensday, 1st Forelithe

aka May 21, 2006

Return of the King thought

So, I'm watching Return of the King, and just remembered something from when I read the books... When reading Return of the King, I'd be all into the Aragorn and Co. parts and it flips over to Frodo, Sam, and Gollum.

So, I'd be all... Ooo! Battle! Fight! Dialogue! Intrigue!

Hey! Scene change!

Hobbits walking, Hobbits walking, Hobbits walking, angst, Hobbits walking, Hobbits walking, angst, Hobbits walking, Hobbits walking, Hobbits walking...

Flip flip flip, scan scan scan, Back to Aragorn et al...

I didn't read much Frodo and Sam more than once.

Posted by Ninjababe at 7:20 PM



Trewsday, 16th Thrimidge

aka May 6, 2006

I am the queen!

Guess what I did while taking out the recycling?

Fell. Went splat. Twisted ankle.

I am the queen of spraining ankles...

So, now, I'm at the computer sitting at an angle with my leg propped up across the back of the couch.

luckily, except for minor scratches and my ankle, I'm not hurt. I caught myself before I went splat on my face. Which would've been bad, because it would've probably totalled my glasses.

At least I had an ace bandage lying around, just for this event...

And, for something completely different... Sorry for not being here :)

I've been gaming and delving in gaming fandom... Kingdom Hearts II And Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children have taken over my life.

Posted by Ninjababe at 5:30 PM | Comments (2)
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Highday, 21st Astron

aka April 11, 2006

Kingdom Hearts II - A Babble Disguised as a Game Review

I've been waiting for this game. [hugs game box] My love... My own... My Preccciousssss!

[ahem] Sorry about that.

So, what did I think, you ask?

I love it! Talk about story driven! The graphics are wonderful, the storyline is great, and I love the 'reaction' button which the function changes of depending on the situation. From talking, to opening chests, to making combo moves in battle.

For those who don't know, Kingdom Hearts is a fusion of Disney worlds and Final Fantasy games. So, you come across Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck (They're shopkeepers) and Cloud, Squall, and Cid from Final Fantasy games.

I've now played the game up to the final form of the final boss. And, the buttmunch kept killing me, so I haven't seen the ending yet. But anyway...

Spoilers for the game below. I'm not going to hold back!!

No really!

I name names!

I name places!

I drool!

See the Ramble�

Posted by Ninjababe at 2:58 AM | Comments (1)
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Woes of a Gamer

Last week, on Tuesday, I received in the mail one of the two games I've been waiting (literally) years for. Kingdom Hearts II (The other game being Final Fantasy XII). And, yes, I squealed and hugged the game when I got it. Being a good girl [beam], I didn't even power up my Playstation 2 until the weekend.

Of course, being the not-so-good girl I am [beam again], I decided to start playing it when I got off work on Friday (Well, technically, it was Saturday morning as I get off work at 3am). Oooooooooooooooooooo! Squeeee! I adore!!!!!!

I force myself to go to bed about 5 or 530am. Wake-up Saturday afternoon, play some more. Rinse and repeat on Sunday.

The final hour count when I finally quit playing Sunday? 30 hours.

Yes, in two days, I played a video game for 30 hours.

Could that be why my thumbs are sore? ...Nah!

And, the real reason I quit playing Sunday at a decent hour? (Well, 430am is decent for me. Again, I work graveyard shift...) Because the last Boss battle!



The battle takes 1 hour plus to do (Well, it did for me). I get to the final stage, and he does a move that kills me. Every time. Luckily, when you say 'continue' after dying, you only have to redo the last stage.

So, I leave the game at the 'You're Dead... Sucka!' screen, turn the TV off, leave the Playstation on, and go to bed.

When I got up this morning, I ran to the computer and this nifty website where I get all my game walkthroughs, I search the walkthroughs for the game. OK, not really helpful... "Run and shoot". Yeah... didn't work the four times I tried it today.

So, finally, with heavy heart, I went back to my last save and destroyed about two hours work. [sigh] I just need to level up my character so I can have more lifeforce.

Off to write a review of the game!

Posted by Ninjababe at 1:06 AM



Hevensday, 5th Astron

aka March 26, 2006


So, I've become addicted to Slings and Arrows on the Sundance channel.

I'm currently watching the season 2 ender, and I've suddenly have the urge to go to the theater.

Of course, I've only ever seen pantomine on live theater. Oh, and Fiddler on the Roof. All in London when I lived in England.

[sigh] I'll have to just make due with my Shakespeare DVDs.

Posted by Ninjababe at 9:47 PM



Trewsday, 4th Astron

aka March 25, 2006

New Haircut!

I got a really cool haircut today!

A picture of it:


Posted by Ninjababe at 10:28 PM | Comments (1)
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Sunday, 25th Rethe

aka March 16, 2006

Battlestar Galactica Translation

Paraphrase of what the Cylons said at the season ender of BSG: "We will love humanity, we will guide it, we will nurture it."

My translation: "We will hug them, and love them, and squeeze them, and call them George!"

And, we all know how well that scenario turned out!

Posted by Ninjababe at 4:52 PM | Comments (1)
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Trewsday, 13th Rethe

aka March 4, 2006

[pout] My Hand Hurts!

So, I've been procrastinating buying a new black ink cartridge for my printer.

Because of that, I can't print anything more then about 4 pages. Everything I print is bright purple, and I don't want to run out of colored ink as well.

Currently, I'm playing a video game that's very time conscious. Every character is in a different spot of the world, doing different things depending on the time of day.

So, I have a step-by-step walkthrough based on time for the game. It's 100+ pages. So, I can't print it.

So, I bought a notebook to write quick notes for the steps.

My hand hurts!!!! I've written 16 pages, from top to bottom, in shorthand! And, I'm on day 19 of 51. And, that's only one of two paths.

And, all this because the official walkthrough, which I do own, didn't give you a step by step to solve the game. So, I need the step by step someone did...

OK... back to writing. I'm hoping to get enough written to cover my play time for tomorrow. Then, I'll have all week to write more bit by bit until my next Playstation 2 play time...

I think I have enough now. Either way, I'm quitting to play some Halo. Let's blow some alien shit up! Booyah!

Posted by Ninjababe at 11:39 PM | Comments (1)
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The Stupidity of People

So, yesterday at work, someone turned in a prescription that was obviously altered. We could tell it was supposed to be for Ultracet (which is a pain medication in the same drug class as prescription strength Motrin). The patient changed it to Percocet (which is in the same drug class as Morphine). We told the patient that we'd have to call the doctor because he didn't write a strength on the prescription (Ultracet is only 1 strength, Percocet is multiple strengths).

Did the patient say, "That's OK. I'm seeing him later today?" or, "Never mind."?

No, the idiot didn't. He responded, "Sure! I'll be back later."

So, after the patient left, the coworker who took the prescription faxed the doctor to make sure it wasn't altered. It was. So, we called the police.

An officer came down and took a statement. Then, he wandered off and returned about half an hour later with a photo line-up for the coworker who took the prescription. (I stated, "Cool! You got to do a lineup!")

Then, the patient called to see if his prescription was ready. We told him yes, as we were told to say that by the officer. He showed up in drive-thru. The police officer was called, but he was in another situation where he couldn't come over. So, we were told to tell the patient that there was a question as to if the prescription was altered or not. (The patient responded, "Altered? You mean changed?") He was asked to call a number given to him (which was to the police officer) and after cleared up, we would give the prescription.

As he drove off, the coworker who got to do the lineup wrote down the make, model and color of the car, plus the license plate.

So, hopefully, soon, the little idiot will be arrested.

Posted by Ninjababe at 10:31 PM | Comments (1)
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