May 21, 2006

Return of the King thought

So, I'm watching Return of the King, and just remembered something from when I read the books... When reading Return of the King, I'd be all into the Aragorn and Co. parts and it flips over to Frodo, Sam, and Gollum.

So, I'd be all... Ooo! Battle! Fight! Dialogue! Intrigue!

Hey! Scene change!

Hobbits walking, Hobbits walking, Hobbits walking, angst, Hobbits walking, Hobbits walking, angst, Hobbits walking, Hobbits walking, Hobbits walking...

Flip flip flip, scan scan scan, Back to Aragorn et al...

I didn't read much Frodo and Sam more than once.

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May 6, 2006

I am the queen!

Guess what I did while taking out the recycling?

Fell. Went splat. Twisted ankle.

I am the queen of spraining ankles...

So, now, I'm at the computer sitting at an angle with my leg propped up across the back of the couch.

luckily, except for minor scratches and my ankle, I'm not hurt. I caught myself before I went splat on my face. Which would've been bad, because it would've probably totalled my glasses.

At least I had an ace bandage lying around, just for this event...

And, for something completely different... Sorry for not being here :)

I've been gaming and delving in gaming fandom... Kingdom Hearts II And Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children have taken over my life.

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