August 23, 2005


I'm going to be away until about next Monday. Not because I'm a slacker blogger, but because I'm going on a trip.

Driving to Utah.

Land of National and State Parks/Monuments. You trip over the darn things!

See y'all next week... maybe :-)

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August 22, 2005

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I passed the National Certification. I won't know the actual score until after I get the notification in the mail, but the website states that I passed.


I am now officially a Certified Pharmacy Technician.


I have power!

OK, Ok... not really... I basically have to study to make the continuing education credit requirements every two years, but I passed.


I have the urge to moonwalk...

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August 20, 2005


Are you a blogger?

How about a blogger who posts sporadically?

Then, slacker bloggers are for you!

I started this because I thoughted it needed to be done, and Ith thought I should do it.

So, I did!

If you want to join, go for it. I have a graphic, it's nothing special:

If you use it, please upload it to your server. If you can come up with something better, please do. (I was going to have a picture of the guy on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride that sits on his porch and rocks back and forth (Ith and I call him Bubba), but I wasn't able to find a picture of him on the net, so the above was formed.)

And, if you tell me your blog, I'll add you to the "official" blog roll (As soon as I create it and everything [g])...

UPDATE: Thanks to Russ, we now have other images! So, you have a plethora of images to play with! I'm going to put them behind the Extended Entry since there's a batch of them...

slacker-transparent00.gif slacker-transparent01.gif slacker-transparent02.gif
slacker-transparent03.gif slacker-transparent04.gif slacker-transparent05.gif
slacker-transparent06.gif slacker-transparent07.gif slacker-transparent08.gif

They look better on a non-grey background...

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Kiss Kiss!

I've been saving a giant hershey kiss since about Christmas...

Tonight, I was craving chocolate, so I tore it open.

But before that, I took a picture:

Isn't it pretty? (Hand model provided by Ith)

And, just because, a picture of my pink toes!

(I have a habit of taking pictures of feet... Yes, it's bizarre, but it's me!)

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August 19, 2005

Tie em up, Cowboy!

I've been to the pet store five times today.


Because I was trying to get a harness that will fit my cat.

Finally, I get what I think is the right size, and I bring it home. I decided to practice putting the harness on, since I knew my cat wouldn't like wearing it and would put up a fight. So, I didn't want to fiddle with it too much.

How did I practice? I used Frogger, a stuffed animal of mine:

I figured out how to make the harness work, so I wrangled the cat into the bathroom and closed all the doors so she couldn't get far.

She was actually pretty docile. I fitted her up and let her go. She took a step, then laid down on her side and wouldn't get back up.

It turns out that while the chest area was big enough for the cat, the next area was way too big. And, as it was at the smallest amount possible for that harness, I had to take it back.

Finally, she ended up with... a collar! The harnesses were either too big at the neck area or too small in the chest area.

And, she doesn't even notice it's there. Well, until she sees the tag hanging from it and tries to chew on it.

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August 18, 2005


So, Ith and I went to the County Fair the other night.

It's nothing all that great, but the animals were cute, and looking at the contest entries was interesting. I'm even debating entering some of the Home Arts contests next year (Cross stitch and beadwork...).

But, I ended up with a great prize. And, it was free too!

A yardstick.

Yes, they gave me a hunk of wood. When the guy saw the evil grin on my face, he told me that they weren't responsible for injuries caused by the yardstick...

So, went to the fair, cooed at the rabbits and sheep, had tri-tip (Mmmmm), and came home with a weapon.

My kind of night! :)

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August 16, 2005


I have a job.

With a starting pay the same as my ending pay at the previous job.

And, when I pass the national certification board exam (Pass/Fail results are available on the internet starting Monday), I'll be making a dollar more an hour than I used to.

Go me!

I had to take a skills test, interview, accept the job, and then go take my drug test. Which I had to wait 1 hour plus at the doctor's office until they could do mine. The lab tech was by herself and she says Tuesdays are the busiest for tests.

So, as soon as that comes back negative, and my criminal background check comes back negative, I'll be officially hired and start working on the 29th.

And, the dress code is business casual. I can justify buying clothes that aren't white and black. Wooo!

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It lives!

I'm bored, and I can't sleep. So, I'm being narcissistic and reading old post of mine.

I come across this picture:

It's my plant!

Potter, the plant-that-lived.

OK, you can stop groaning now.

You'll be pleased to know that even though he was transplanted to the top of the wine cabinet here at home, he's still healthy and doing great. In fact, there's new growth!

Of course, the only reason Potter does live is because he only needs to be watered once a month (Immersed in water for 10 minutes every month.) and that I have a post it note on my daily calender on the day of the month he gets watered.

But, I am proud of myself for keeping him alive this long!

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August 15, 2005

Job Update

Last week, I got a call from the Safeway down the street. They got my application and wanted to interview me.

So, I drove the long, arduous two blocks to Safeway. I arrive just in time for my interview.

I proceeded to wait 30 minutes because the last interviewee was late due to missing her bus. Standing up. In heels. In front of the whole store.

My eyes glazed. The shopping carts became pirouetting ballet dancers dancing Swan Lake.

Finally, I get into the managers office. "We're not hiring for a pharmacy tech (Uhh... I only applied for the pharmacy tech position. That's what I'm trained for. That's what I'm licensed by the state of California for!). However, we are hiring for Starbucks - With eight applicants so far today! (Damn, I'd need maybe a half hour training for that!), the deli, the bakery - Neither of which have applicants, oh, and the 'booth clerk', which is a job where you handle oodles and oodles of cash. Pretty much all the cash that flows through the flood gates of this store from everyone's wallet. With your history - Obviously dedicated, organized, and bondable since you're a pharmacy tech (Boy, they don't know me), we'll just give it to you on the spot. Now, we are required to ask the following questions.

"Are you willing to take a drug test?" (Sure!) [wand thrust into mouth] (Ewww... salty!)

"Why are you looking for a job?" (To be blunt. I need work.)

"Basically, that, and "I need money" are the two answers we get the most. OK, you're hired." (Wow, this is the second easiest job interview I've ever had. And, my first drug test. Praise be I don't have to pee in a cup... Aiming bad, and I'd have to drink a hell of a lot more fluid.)

"The hours are Monday and Tuesday 4pm to 1am. Thursday and Friday 715 am to 415 am. $8 an hour." (Ummm... alright.)

"There's a sixty day provisional period, and your benefits, if any, don't kick in until after you've been working here seven months." (OK...)

"Also, you're required to join the Safeway union. The starting dues are $300, which will be automatically be taken from your check over the next three months. (Uh huh.)

"So, you'll start Monday!" (Wait! Wait... I'm getting $8 an hour, minus taxes, for 32 hours a week, which will equal to about $6 an hour after Uncle Sam shakes it. Then, You'll also be taking $50 a paycheck out for three months for dues of a union I don't want to join? Bzzzzz! No, thank you. I actually make more money on unemployment!!!)


And, that was the job interview.

Well, technically, I did agree to take the job. Then, I came home, did some math, talked to Ith, and did some more math. That's when I discovered I couldn't afford to work there. So, I called them back (And waited on hold for a good twenty minutes) and declined the job.

But, on a good note, I have a job interview at a Nationally Reconized Chain (from now on, known as NRC) that's down the street, and they're not brining me in under false pretenses (I have to take a pharmacy technician skill set test in the store. Basically, typing and prescription shorthand comprehension. I mean, in order to do my job, I have to know what ii-iii gtts ou bid prn means (it's 2-3 drops into each eye twice daily as needed).

And, then, tomorrow afternoon, I have the joy that is driving to Salinas (which is half an hour away) and going to a 'job finders seminar'. Yay. There was much rejoicing. not. They better speak English!

I had to fill out a form listing six places I applied for a job, including person contacted and address of company.

And, of course, I'm *still* waiting for the results of my job interview with the VA. That is one sweet job (The pay is $4-6 an hour more than I made at my last job). And, they're required to send me a letter stating I didn't get the job if I don't, so there's still hope (According to Federal law, they're required to interview 35% or more people who applied for the job before filling it.)

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Visit the land of the mouse from your computer chair!

I've become addicted to Vitrual Magic Kingdom, which is a free, on-line version of a Disney park.

You can wander around as a person, wearing clothes you chose, talking to people, playing games, and going on quests. It's quite fun.

A screen cap:

I'm the character in the black ellipse. The talking bubbles have had the names whited out by me to protect people.

I'm having great fun finding hidden mickeys in the park. I've found 42 of them so far (There may be one on the screen capture above... [weg])

The pros:

1) It won't allow kids to 'out' themselves. Numbers cannot be written out as words or numbers when speaking. This is so kids can't give out any personal information. Also, there is an approved dictionary. If the word isn't in the dictionary, it shows up as a symbol in your talking. Example: "There is one mickey in this room" will show up as "There is ### mickey in this room". And, when you first join, you have to have your user name approved by the moderation team. Until then, you are 'Guest 123456' or whatever number of applicant you are.

2) There are multiple types of games you can play. If you're good at 'shooter' type games, pretty much any of the games are for you. However, if you want to make credits to buy film for your camera, it'll take a while. (Buying film is expensive... 200 credits for 5 shots, and the most I've found won in a game is 20 credits!) If you like search and find, look for the hidden mickeys. Also, you can collect pins.

3) Disney also tied this into their theme parks. If you go, you can buy items in the park and receive a code to get the same item in the virtual park (Mickey ears, lanyards, pins...). And, there are quests that you answer questions while in the real park. After filling out the page you print out at home, you take the form to the office in the real park and get codes for virtual items.

4) I actually have fun helping people find stuff. Like, if they can't find where to buy a camera, or how to meet Disney characters hidden in the game, or how to shop in the stores. I'm waiting for when I've played the game long enough to become a community leader so I have power! POWER! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! No, community leader just means that people know they can ask that person a question and get legitimate help.

5) The game is monitored the whole time it's open. And, it's only open when it can be monitored. It's open 7am-10pm PST.

6) There are cute things that people do. Like, in the picture above, it's a 'conga' line of people dancing to close the park down for the day. It seems to happen on that screen every day at the park closing time.

The cons:

1) It's obviously a site geared towards kids. You're told this when you sign up... It's for 8-14 years old, but everyone can play. So, I, a 20+ year old (I'm old enough to never say my real age again, so Pffft!), have been playing for almost a week now. The next few cons will explain why the age thing is here...

2) I roll my eyes and mutter at the screen (or, at Ith) about the type of things said.

Something said a lot: "You're cute!"

Hello!!!!! There are only (Maybe!) twelve different faces in the game for female, and the same number for male, and all bodies are the same! All of them are cute.

Another thing said a lot: "Are you taken?" or "Will you be my boy friend?" / "Will you be my girl friend?"

I remember when I was a kid, we "dated" and "broke up" at the drop of a hat, but this is online. Not only that, but there is no way anyone can know the age of the person you're talking to. Which is why I'm so glad Disney made it impossible to say any word not in their approved dictionary (including numbers).

I've gotten in the habit of automatically telling people that I'm taken just to shut them up.

3) You get little credit for your time. The only way to really get credits in the game to buy stuff is to play games. Of all the games I've played, I've only seen one that gives you money every time you play (Granted, I haven't played them all). The Jungle Photo Safari automatically gives you 20 credits per ride. I'm pretty sure you get more credits if you beat the high score, but I've played until my fingers nearly bled, and I've only gotten in the 40,000 point range and the high score is nearly 60,000 or more...

What will 20 credits get you? A pin.

If you want to buy clothes, those items are 25 credits each.

A Camera and 3 pieces of film? 200 credits

More film (5 pieces)? 200 credits.

Furniture? I'm not positive, but it can be expensive.

4) There are only items you can get by buying the equivalent in the real park. Like, I want mickey ears for my virtual person. But, I'll have to wait until I actually go to a Disney park and then, I have to buy a real set of mickey ears to get the code in order to get a virtual pair. (Which, I have to debate doing, because I don't like having my real name on clothing, and Disney has a firm rule about not using anything but real names on things they stitch. I have a pair of mickey ears somewhere that say 'Ninjababe', and I'm afraid to wear them in the park in case they get confiscated). But, maybe I'll be able to use one of my internet alternatives of my name. (It's my name in the virtual park actually... My name in JRR Tolkien Elvish).

My goodness! This is long!

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August 11, 2005

Crash this!

So, Wedding Crashers let's you 'crash' the trailer by inserting a few heads over the characters.

So, I decided to try it.

I can get Will Turner to fit perfectly (It's spooky, actually), but Jack Sparrow just won't fit. Darn that pirate! He just won't fit into a mold!

So, instead of trying to be a perfectionist, I decided to give up...

But, as Ith just told me, I could put Snape or Harry Potter... Hmmmm...

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August 09, 2005


Chocolate chip cookie dough is nummy.

It's one of the things that makes life worth living...

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