November 29, 2005


First, a birthday gift from my parents, Petit Fours:


And, a set I made for a friend's birthday (Whose is a day before mine). The picture doesn't really show it, but the white beads are actually pearlescent, so it looks like mini-pearls:


I'm tempted to remake this set for myself.

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November 28, 2005



That's all I wanted to say...

(Sorry, I've had the urge to do a nonsensical post for quite a while now. At least I didn't speak in tongues!)

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November 22, 2005

I... Hate... People!!!

It's Thanksgiving week.

The days that everyone travels.

So, everyone wants their prescriptions before they leave.

That makes us busy.

Someone called in sick.

That makes us super-busy.

The computers went down for hours at a time.

That made the day at work hell on earth. Two to four hour waits for new medications, people yelling because they're prescription refill wasnt ready.

I'm off to enjoy the joy that is hard liquor.

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November 20, 2005

Goblet of Fire: No Spoilers

First off, I liked it. I laughed, I cried, I clapped. I went home.

Some characters seemed slightly out of whack.

There were action scenes that I was on the edge of my seat, with my breath held.

One scene actually made me hide behind a tissue for a moment.

The Wesley twins were hilarous. I'd probably go see the movie again just for them.

And, it gave me a new sig quote for email! [beam] (This is why we watch the credits ): No dragons were harmed in the writing of this email.

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November 19, 2005


Via Ith:

[i'm bill weasley]
...and which lesser Harry Potter character are you?

Seems everyone is Bill...

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November 14, 2005

In Three Weeks...

In three weeks, I can no longer go clubbing.

In three weeks, I can no longer go drinking until 2 in the morning.

In three weeks, I need to go shopping for tweed suits and sensible shoes.

In three weeks, I will need to throw out all of my 'slutty' tops.

In three weeks, I will spend the afternoons sipping gin in a teacup and gossiping (Well, ok, that's not so bad).

In three weeks, I better the hell have a massive pile of presents waiting for me, or hellfire will rain upon the earth!

For, in three weeks, it will be December 4th, my 30th birthday.

Yes, Ninjababe, ruler of the cosmos, destroyer of planets, (and, bizarrely enough, called Ninjapiglet by friends), will be the big 3-0.

My father is already teasing me... But, I just keep thinking about the fact that he'll always be older than dirt to me, and that keeps me going.

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November 12, 2005


Ith and I decided to go out to dinner. There's a nice place within walking distance.

So, we decide to walk and eat. We eat, we drink, we be merry.

On our way home, we peek in the windows of the sports bar on the way. They have pool tables! Oooo! We love pool.

So, after dropping out leftovers off at home, we set off again to play a few games of pool and have some drinks.

As we're playing our first game of pool, an older guy, obviously drunk, came up to us and wanted to play the winner. We both declined, saying we only wanted to play each other, and neither one of us are very good. He insisted, and put a dollar in quarters onto the side of the table. Then, he went out to smoke on the porch in back. (California has a no smoking inside public buildings law.)

So, we're almost done with the game, and we finished off our drinks. Ith said we could play another game. I go to the bar and buy two cokes (We both decided we've had enough to drink) and get another dollar in quarters to play the game.

Our second game was crap, frankly. We took forever to just get the first ball in to see who had solids and who had stripes. Finally, the guy came over and said we had 3 minutes to clear the table. So, we decided to leave.

After putting our jackets on, we brought our coke glasses up to the bar so the bartender lady wouldn't have to go out to get them. She looked slightly disappointed that we were leaving.

So, we told her that the other guy said we had to clear the table.

She was mad.

She went over to rip him a new one, we started to leave.

We almost made it out, but the bartender called us back. It turns out the owner of the bar was in the bar eating.

The guy tried to justify his side of the story, saying he stated he was playing the winner. Ith responded that we didn't touch his money and that we didn't want to play people we didn't know. And, after telling the owner and bartender that we'd be back another time earlier in the day, we left again.

That was our evening...

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Sims 2 technical question - Night Life expansion

So, I own Sims 2... and the University expansion pack.

I want the Night Life expansion pack. But, there's a problem.

A co-worker wanted to try Sims 2, and the sucker I am, I let her borrow it.

She quit her job a few days later and disappeared off the face of the earth.

With my copy of Sims 2!!!

I can play Sims 2 still since I have the University expansion pack, since it now requires the CD from the expansion pack to run.

But, if I install Night Life, will I need the Sims 2 CDs? I can't remember if it asked for them when I installed the University pack...

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November 09, 2005

Rock on!

Via Ith:

Your Band Name is:
The Virgin Zookeepers
Band Name Generator

That's just... wrong.

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November 08, 2005

Hmmm... Change is in the Air...

I'm debating changing my title graphic.

After all, Captain Jack has been up there for a good 2 years now...

But, I don't know... I do like the picture.

And, I did promise myself that the next picture would be the same concept, but with my eyes...

I'll just have to ponder more.

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Want to sleep in!


Saturday, I was supposed to work 2-1030pm... I got called at 945... Someone didn't show up. So, that day, I worked from 11am-1030pm...

Today, I was to work 330pm-midnight. I was called at 930am and asked to come in at 130. So, more overtime.

Yes, overtime good.

Overtime grand.

Overtime now, combined with holiday pay (I volunteered for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day), will make Christmas and my hopeful plans of a week vacation in January very nice. (working on a holiday, you end up getting paid overtime + normal day. The equivalent of working 2 and 1/2 days...)

But, seeing that today was my 6th day in a row, and tomorrow is my seventh, I'm wiped.

And, with the way that California overtime law is wrtitten, I don't get overtime for day six and seven, only hours over 8, I'm bummed. (The work week at work ends on Fridays. So, as long as there are only 40 hours of work, no more than 5 days of work, during that time period, no overtime. So, that means I can work up to 10 days in a row. Which is good when I want a four day weekend, but when it's normal... [whine!])

Granted, I work tomorrow, get two days off, work Friday, then get the weekend off. Yay!

That is what is keeping me going.

That, and the very nice rum I'm currently drinking.

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November 01, 2005

It's Too Damn Early!!!

We just saw our first Christmas commercial...

It's November friggin' first!!!!!!!!!

Can't they at least wait until after Thanksgiving? Or, half way through November...


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