February 15, 2006

Lost Thought...

Henry Gale?

Landing in a balloon in a strange land?


Well, at least he wasn't from Kansas.

Let's see if his wife's name turns out to be Emily or Dorothy... I thought it might be Emily, but she did get a fever and was delirious, so it'll be probably be Dorothy.

For those who don't know, Henry Gale was the name of Dorothy's uncle in Wizard of Oz. And, the Wizard of the Emerald City landed there in a balloon.

Update: Darn, her name was Jennifer, oh well... It's a nice Wizard of Oz reference.

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Things from the Top of my Head

I'm procrastinating vacuuming and dusting at the moment. That, and making a piece of jewelry for my mother's birthday, which I can't do until after I vacuum.

So, massive randomess!!

The greatest coffee I've had is from a little warehouse building in the local area that Ith introduced me to, ACME Coffee. The owner has been in the coffee roasting business for many years and decided to start his own company. And, I'm determined to get the world addicted to this coffee (Which makes the owner laugh when I tell him). I've already got multiple friends and family members addicted. I like this place so much, I'd rather have a plain latte there than go to Starbucks (which is a block away and has a drive-thru) and get my ultimate favorite cinnamon spice mocha. And, the coffee has great names like Unleaded (for decaf), 90 weight, and Road Dog. For more information on this place (And their phone number. Area code is 831. I'm sure they'll be glad to mail you coffee.) you can go here and here

Speaking of great things... Was I? Oh, yeah, I was... Anyway. Bonny Doon Vineyards has some of the greatest wine I've ever had. And, they have great names for thier wines. The company has a wonderful sense of humor. My ultimate favorite wine in the world comes from them. It's called Cardinal Zin, and is a Zinfandel that I go into a puddle of goo over. Other great names are Bouteille Call (which is pronounced Booty Call) which is a desert wine made from grape wine and raspberry wine with grape spirits added (taken directly from the back of the bottle that's taunting me from the kitchen). Bonny Doon calls their tasting room a 'terroirista briefing facility', their newsletters are 'propaganda', and they have great events too!

We believe:
Wine should be as much fun as government regulations allow.
Great wine starts in the vineyard.
We should champion the strange, esoteric, ugly-duckling grape varieties of the world. -- From their wine listing page

The newest Korn album, See You on the Other Side, has multiple tracks with bagpipe music. It's just weird. I like it, but weird.

Every time I think I'll save myself some money and just make a piece of jewelry for someone's gift, I end up spending $50 plus dollars. Because, usually, I don't have all the parts I need.

Unless, of course, I actually only use the stuff I have in my supplies already... But, that would be too easy!

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February 01, 2006


Last night, Ith sent me a recipe for Cayenne Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I promptly decided to bake them. Considering that the last time I baked was... umm... well... so far back in the past, I don't remember it, this was a momentous occasion.

I mixed the dough to specs and put the first dozen in the oven. They came out. They smelt wonderful. We tried one.

Woah! Way too much cayenne. So, we fiddled with the recipe. Doubled some items, added a bit more.

Still too much pepper taste.

So, I'm taking them to work to give to my co-workers. [beam]

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