April 11, 2006

Kingdom Hearts II - A Babble Disguised as a Game Review

I've been waiting for this game. [hugs game box] My love... My own... My Preccciousssss!

[ahem] Sorry about that.

So, what did I think, you ask?

I love it! Talk about story driven! The graphics are wonderful, the storyline is great, and I love the 'reaction' button which the function changes of depending on the situation. From talking, to opening chests, to making combo moves in battle.

For those who don't know, Kingdom Hearts is a fusion of Disney worlds and Final Fantasy games. So, you come across Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck (They're shopkeepers) and Cloud, Squall, and Cid from Final Fantasy games.

I've now played the game up to the final form of the final boss. And, the buttmunch kept killing me, so I haven't seen the ending yet. But anyway...

Spoilers for the game below. I'm not going to hold back!!

No really!

I name names!

I name places!

I drool!

I now have 'Under the Sea' stuck in my head. No, really... I see that as a downside. I did like Ursula's song though.

And, I miss the Trinity marks from the first game. Those were fun!

I don't like the gummi ship scenes. I never did. In order to travel from world to world, you have to do a shoot-em-up sequence at each new pathway. I usually end up button-mashing fire while doing it because I despise them so much.

They went the Square Enix route of final boss. Final Fantasy Games have a habit of making the final boss fight have multiple forms. Just when you think you kicked their ass, they pop up in a new form and you have to start over. And, you can't save between the fights! This game, the final guy has five forms! FIVE!!!!! Although, the dragon is very cool (But, reminded me way too much of the gummi ships. Bah). An hour after fighting evil, with no save point in sight, and the last battle kicked my ass. Stupid Sora got stuck in a life-sucking field, and I can't get Riku (the only other character in that battle) over to him fast enough before he dies. And, I can't seem to do it.

No matter what I do. ARRRRRRGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!


Auron! Squeeeee! And, they put him in a very believable place if you know the storyline for Final Fantasy X. "This is my story, and you're not in it!" Hades face when he was told that. Hah!

Yuna, Rikku, and Paine (Final Fantasy X-2) as fairies! Bwahahaha! And, I love how in the game, when they're having a whispering conference, their voices actually overlap and you can hear bits and pieces of what they're saying.

Port Royal! Yes! I got to kick Barbossa's ass! Not to mention, I got to wander around with Captain Jack Sparrow in my party.

The main character as a lion cub in the Pride Lands, which is the Lion King world. He so cute!

Timeless River! It was so cute! All the characters go black and white, and Donald and Goofy look like their original forms.

I liked how they used Pete as a bad guy. You know, the big, brawly guy from Steamboat Willie and other classic Mickey Mouse films? Mickey's nemesis in those?

The storyline is vast, rich, imaginative, but not confusing. Which is good, as I heard kids play this game .

I enjoyed the Tron world, but the music got annoying. I'm tempted to watch the movie again.

Lots of cute guys And Riku!!!! (Not to be confused with Rikku of the treasure fairies. He's an original character from the first game). Yay! My favorite character from the original Kingdom Heart people. I liked Axel too... Oh, and I want one of those cloaks the members of Organization XIII wore.(I just spent a good half hour trying to find a good screenshot of the cloaks, but it is not to be found at this time...)

Stitch as a summon! A summon is a friend you call to you when you need help in battle. They appear, help, then leave. Stich was so funny, I dropped my controller as I laughed. He runs around the menu bars at the bottom, grinning and licking the bars. Then, he'll use an ukulele to make music that freezes opponents. That, and he pulls out his guns and fires at things.

The giant battle scene on Hollow Bastion. Kicking ass there was fun!

I loved the fact that most of the game, you go two screens, and they have a cutscene to forward the story. I adore story-driven games, so that much was great for me.

And, Hah! I was right! Christopher Lee did voice Diz in the game!

So, all in all, I love this game.

Now, I must go level up some so I can actually kick final boss ass...However his name is spelled.

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Woes of a Gamer

Last week, on Tuesday, I received in the mail one of the two games I've been waiting (literally) years for. Kingdom Hearts II (The other game being Final Fantasy XII). And, yes, I squealed and hugged the game when I got it. Being a good girl [beam], I didn't even power up my Playstation 2 until the weekend.

Of course, being the not-so-good girl I am [beam again], I decided to start playing it when I got off work on Friday (Well, technically, it was Saturday morning as I get off work at 3am). Oooooooooooooooooooo! Squeeee! I adore!!!!!!

I force myself to go to bed about 5 or 530am. Wake-up Saturday afternoon, play some more. Rinse and repeat on Sunday.

The final hour count when I finally quit playing Sunday? 30 hours.

Yes, in two days, I played a video game for 30 hours.

Could that be why my thumbs are sore? ...Nah!

And, the real reason I quit playing Sunday at a decent hour? (Well, 430am is decent for me. Again, I work graveyard shift...) Because the last Boss battle!



The battle takes 1 hour plus to do (Well, it did for me). I get to the final stage, and he does a move that kills me. Every time. Luckily, when you say 'continue' after dying, you only have to redo the last stage.

So, I leave the game at the 'You're Dead... Sucka!' screen, turn the TV off, leave the Playstation on, and go to bed.

When I got up this morning, I ran to the computer and this nifty website where I get all my game walkthroughs, http://www.gamefaqs.com. I search the walkthroughs for the game. OK, not really helpful... "Run and shoot". Yeah... didn't work the four times I tried it today.

So, finally, with heavy heart, I went back to my last save and destroyed about two hours work. [sigh] I just need to level up my character so I can have more lifeforce.

Off to write a review of the game!

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